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Target For Collect Vote Ticket

Total 100 get 1 ticket
Total 200 get 1 ticket
Total 500 get 1 ticket
Total 1000 get 1 ticket
Total 1500 get 1 ticket
Total 2000 get 1 ticket
Total 3000 get 1 ticket

Friend For Collect Vote Ticket

Refer 1st friend get 1 ticket
Refer 2nd friend get 1 ticket

Predict UEFA EURO Cup With Friends : Vote Top 4 & Win Cash Bonus SGD1388.88

Participate in voting the UEFA EURO Cup with your buddies! Support and predict the most favorite top 4 soccer teams! 

Terms and Conditions
  1. Promotion will start from 2021-06-10 00:00:01 (GMT+8) until 2021-06-26 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  2. This  " 2020 UEFA EURO Cup Prediction "event is open to all Hbet63 members.
Event Deatils :

Winning Prizes Structure





First Prizes

SGD 1388.88

Top 4 Country Team & Rankings



Consolation Prizes

SGD 138.88

Top 4 Country Team

※ Voting predictions for the top 4 national teams (Champion 1st First Runner, 2nd Second Runner-Up , 3rd Third Runner-Up, 4th Fourth Runner-Up) national teams and rankings.
       3. In this event, the winning members can claim once of the prize, and you will not be able to claim it again after experiencing one of the 【First Prize Cash Bonus】or 【Consolation Prize Cash Bonus】.
       4. In this event, members only need to vote for the prediction, the top four national country teams and ranking, once all predict correctly will win the 【First Prize Cash Bonus】. The first prizes is up to "SGD1388.88", and withdrawals can be made directly without any turnover requirements.
       5. In this event, members only need to vote for the prediction, the top four national teams, regardless of whether the ranking is correct or not, can get the 【Consolation Prize Cash Bonus】. The consolation cash bonus is as high as "SGD138.88". There is no turnover requirement for the cash bonus and can be withdraw directly.

How to participate in the " 2020 UEFA EURO Cup Prediction "? event:

Activity participation structure

Deposit Reach

Auto Free Vote Tickets

SGD 100

1 Ticket

SGD 200

1 Ticket

SGD 500

1 Ticket

SGD 1000

1 Ticket

SGD 1500

1 Ticket

SGD 2000

1 Ticket

SGD 3000

1 Ticket


7 Tickets

※ As long as members deposit during the preferential event period, they can get more automatic free voting coupons, please refer to: 
i) Make a minimum deposit of funding SGD100 in a single transaction to get a first voting ticket.

ii) Deposit accumulation reach SGD200 to get the second voting tickets.
iii) Deposit accumulation reach SGD500 to obtain the third voting tickets, and so on.

       6. Each member can directly deposit SGD 3000 to directly obtain a total of 7 free voting tickets or accumulation to receive a single ticket in different days once you hit the target. The more voting tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning will be.

Invite friends and get extra voting coupons:

Chart Of Invite Friends Structure

Invite 2 Friends (Min Deposit SGD100)

Free Tickets

1st Friend


2nd Friend



2 Tickets to redeem

※You additionally invite 2 new friends to extra receive 2 free voting tickets:
i) Members can get up to 2 extra voting tickets through invite new friends, and maximum get up to 2 extra voting tickets.
ii) Your new friend, during this event period, must be at least SGD100 and complete basic membership verifications.
iii) In addition, you need to contact the 24-hour customer service, provide the friend's ID, we notify the member within 1 working day after complete verification.
iiii) Maximum members can receive up to 2 free voting coupons for inviting friends.
       7. Each member maximnum can redeem max up to 9 voting tickets only during event period.
       8. This voting tickets cannot be transferred or combined with other promotions.
       9. ​For this event, the maximum payout of cash bonus for per member is SGD 1388.88.
       10. After the event ends, the winner and cash bonus will be announced or notify by whatsapp and cash bonus will be paid to the winners within 3 working days.
       11. The cash bonus for this activity does not need to reach any turnover before withdrawing directly.
       12. Each member only allowed having one registered account in HBET63, if we found out any member owning more than 1 account in same IP address or same household or using same personal information; HBET63 will treat these accounts as an organizational account. And HBET63 has the right to terminate everything of the accounts.
       13. HBET63 reserved the right to alter, amend or pause any promotion, or any aspect of it at anytime and without prior notice.

General promotional Terms & Conditions apply.